Security and protection

Before and during your stay, prevention is better than cure:

Hotel Corallo Imperia will send you an e-mail with all the information you need for check-in and early registration: upon arrival, your check-in will be very quick.

At check-in you will receive a kit with your sanitized key and remote control as well as useful information for your stay.

Breakfast is served at the table and the tables are adequately spaced in compliance with current legislation.

In the hotel you will find sanitizing liquid dispensers and directions for a stay in total safety.

We ask you to wear the mask as long as the law requires it.

Safety and sanitation

Each room and common area of ​​Hotel Corallo Imperia is cleaned with the utmost care with certified products and sanitized with Ozone Sanity System:

neutralizes bacteria, germs, yeasts, molds, fungi, spores, pollen

simultaneously sanitizes air, surfaces, objects, fabrics

destroys the volatile residues of chemical detergents, paints, candles

it does not require additives or release residues into the environment